When things go wrong on buildings or other infrastructure, the consequences can be devastating for all concerned. Cadmus Engineering can assist with forensic engineering services throughout Sydney to help determine the causes of failure or incorrect operation or function. Our investigations are thorough and expert so that our clients can count on our ultimate diagnosis.

Our specialists retrace processes and procedures leading to incidents and failures as well as the structural integrity and/or appropriate material usage that may have contributed. Once understood, we then compile comprehensive reports of our findings and provide recommendations regarding what remedial works or reconstruction are necessary for resolution.

Dilapidation Reports

Cadmus Engineering can prepare dilapidation surveys and reports for your building and/or surrounds prior to or post construction works taking place in the adjoining property or properties, as required. The report is designed to record the condition of a building or grounds before construction work commences that may undermine your property’s structural integrity or cause adverse effects to the surrounding terrain which may result in damage to the property. We provide these reports to property developers, builders and property owners who need to determine if their works will cause damage that would give rise to liability claims.

Post-construction condition surveys and reports are carried out to highlight any building defects that have been caused by work to a property or surrounding areas.

Both reports are supported by photographs with a brief description of the defect or damage and act as evidence that can be presented in the event of an insurance or liability claim, either to defend or to seek redress, as the case may be.

Legal Reports

We are frequently called upon to assist and present our findings in legal cases. Following our expert investigations, our legal reports provide an unbiased analysis that can be tendered in the courts to defend public liability or indemnity claims.
Cadmus Engineering coordinates with lawyers and attends court proceedings if called upon to do so. Additionally, we will also attend mediation sessions if required, to put forward the engineering expertise behind such issues and this will commonly help to resolve disputes between two or more parties.
Furthermore, our engineering staff and practiced associates can appear as expert witnesses should legal proceedings reach the courts. We will present the facts and provide an understanding of the case from the perspective of experienced and knowledgeable engineering professionals.
To discuss how Cadmus Engineering can assist with your forensic engineering requirements, call the office now on 02 9098 6000.

Fault Finding

Sometimes a project faces the prospect of costly delays due to unexpected problems associated with material or process failure. Cadmus Engineering can provide forensic engineering services to investigate the causes and recommend alternative solutions.