Innovative, Sustainability-Focused Engineers
Innovation, sustainability, effective relationships and trusted expertise
Cadmus Engineering takes great pride in our four pillars of quality. We believe that each of these is a critical component of the high standards of work we deliver on a daily basis.
Engineering Explained

Engineering is a profession that relies on science and technology to ensure that a structure is appropriately designed and built – utilising the correct materials and processes – to withstand multiple expected challenges. Climactic and weather demands such as earthquakes, wind, extreme temperatures and water require specific consideration. Weight loads, a structure’s function, location, shape and desired construction materials all depend on engineering expertise to be safe, serviceable and cost-effective.

Consulting Engineering

The job of a Consulting Engineer is to find innovative solutions to technical challenges and to deliver strategic advice to clients and project stakeholders. Their expertise will cover a broad array of disciplines such as scientific, technical, environmental, project management, hydrology and more. When a project calls for wider-ranging experience or know-how, the Consulting Engineer will draw upon his network of other trusted consultants to formulate a feasible solution to the challenges at hand.

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