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Cadmus Engineering provides expert structural and forensic engineering services to construction projects throughout Sydney and greater New South Wales.

Our speciality is sustainable engineering consultancy, a noble and growing discipline that has always been close to our hearts. By using innovative building materials and techniques, we optimise the efficiency and sustainability of construction plans and we are adept at finding proactive solutions for large scale and complex projects.

At all times, we operate to the highest standards in engineering design and by combining our specialist expertise with that of our colleagues in construction, we ensure our clients are delivered the most appropriate, effective and achievable engineering solutions for their developments.

We take pride in the relationships we have nurtured with local authorities, government agencies, legal representatives, fellow consultants and other industry professionals. Our trusted network enables us to inform and be informed on critical developments that may arise which could positively or negatively affect our clients’ projects. Our business is to smooth the way for our clients to achieve success without unnecessary costs, delays or complications.

We look forward to assisting you with your next construction project. Call us on 02 9098 6000 to discuss how we can be of service.

Cadmus Engineering’s Principal, Charbil Khoudair is a Structural Engineer with more than 16 years of combined experience in the building industry. He brings valuable experience in construction management and extensive knowledge in the design of small to medium rise residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Charbil’s goal is to continue to build a team of professionals who function seamlessly as a team, in a flexible and contemporary environment so that each can assist the other to be efficient, professional and increasingly skilled. He believes that the success of the company – and in turn, the success of each individual within it – relies on all to contribute positively and willingly to the delivery of quality, expert engineering services to valued clients.

Through his Directorship of Cadmus Engineering, Charbil looks forward to a prosperous future built on producing creative, innovative and cost-effective engineering outcomes that meet clients’ project design needs.

Deeply community-minded, Charbil is a prolific volunteer who believes in generosity of time and spirit, and he encourages others to discover how rewarding it can be, at work and outside of work.


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  • Consult Australia
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  • Professional Engineers of Australia
  • Australian Steel Institute
  • Concrete Institute of Australia
  • Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland

Cadmus Engineering is committed to delivering valued personal service to clients, building mutually beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers and the community and providing employees with a safe and supportive workplace.

To maintain our uniquely personal culture and core values of providing support to employees, quality services to clients and improvements within our community, and functioning daily with a positive and optimistic attitude.

To be recognised as a collaborative and transparent organisation that offers multidisciplinary services to clients who value mutual understanding, communication, and quality services.

To sustain an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for the proactive adaptation and evolution of our services and methods to be harmonious with clients’ changing needs.

To be a company that attracts energetic, talented and positive people who desire a workplace that inspires and gratifies, and encourages a healthy work-life balance.

Cadmus Engineering was originally established in 2010 as Kanebridge Engineering. Cadmus’s Principal, Charbil Khoudair directed, managed and built a team of professionals and nurtured solid relationships with an array of other engineering consultants. Kanebridge

Group’s focus was on applying efforts, resources and finances to property investment and development, with minimal attention to engineering as a discipline.

In 2015, Charbil rebranded the engineering arm of the company as Cadmus Engineering to ensure that clients and the marketplace in general could simply identify that the dedicated focus of the business is premium engineering services.

A slight tweaking to create ‘Kanebridge Limited’ means that the original entity can continue to function on its strengths while leaving no confusion as to its offering.

Rebranding to Cadmus Engineering enables Charbil and his team to offer dedicated structural and forensic engineering services throughout Sydney and NSW.

Positive Culture and Attitude:

We believe that a cohesive, cooperative team thrives within an engaged, entrepreneurial, and progressive culture. An inclusive and positive attitude will be cultivated within all employees to build lasting relationships of mutual understanding and trust, both amongst our staff and with our clients. The result will be a shared pride in our services reinforced by a driving motivation to meet high standards of performance.

Financial Viability:

In order to maintain financial viability, our company will be a sustainable, dynamic business that will consistently generate a reasonable profit in balance with the needs of employees and a fiscally responsible ethos. The success of the company will be shared with not only the owners but also with the employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Community Improvement:

We will act to positively affect the health and wellbeing of our immediate and surrounding communities. Our interaction with the world at large will be motivated by a genuine mindfulness of our corporate social responsibility to support a healthy natural environment, charitable initiatives and volunteerism, and to positively influence societal behaviour.

Employees Are Valued and Supported:

We recognise the contributions of each employee towards the development and success of our company. We will facilitate opportunities for continued improvement and exposure to challenging work in order to encourage high standards of performance by all. We believe that a personal approach to maintaining a clear balance of the needs of our employees with that of the company and its clients will serve to maintain an energetic, positive, safe and healthy work environment.

Quality and Delivery of Professional Service:

We will strive to uphold high standards of performance in our services which will be achieved through an awareness of our client needs and a commitment to competently addressing those needs with integrity, sincerity and character in order to build a solid reputation of confidence in our work. Our company will be known and valued for its responsive, reliable, and innovative approach to project priorities, scope, schedule, and budget.


I engaged Cadmus Engineering Pty Ltd for a residential project in North Turramurra and would highly recommend their services.

Cadmus Engineering were very keen to assist me with my urgent project to design my house in West Hoxton. The job was done in a couple of day and I was happy with the result.

Charbil Khoudair of Cadmus Engineering was nice, helpful and polite. He gave me a quote and stuck with it and he even did some extra work more than I paid for. I’m very happy with the service he provided for my project in Ashfield.

Charbil was prompt in arriving to quote for a forensic report at my house in Stanmore, he was very personable and friendly, and he gave us really good advice and tried to save us money. It’s always a good thing.

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